Complete Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

From sensor data to tailored reporting interfaces



Delivers continuous, real-time feedback via custom interfaces with instant alerts.



Increases efficiency by centralizing the acquisition and real-time processing of data.


Converts real-time monitoring data into graphical, actionable information.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Environmental Monitoring Simplified

Reduce Risk

Custom alerts and reports are automated to save time, be proactive and react quickly to changes to prevent issues or incidents.

Improve Decision-Making

Tailored information on custom interfaces enable users to remotely track critical asset conditions and monitor environmental compliance.


Reduce Cost

Cost-effective solution to increase efficiency to ensure and exceed regulatory compliance. Automatically receive alerts and data reports, anytime from anywhere.

Accelerate Reporting

Intuitive reporting tools allow users to easily convert data into information and automate custom alerts and professional-quality charts and reports.



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EMSAT™ provides innovative software solutions to meet real-time data monitoring challenges of today's industry.