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Our team is committed to creating innovative solutions to meet today's real-time data monitoring challenges and exceed clients’ requirements and needs. We are committed to creating pioneering, cost-effective and complete monitoring solutions from sensor data to tailored reporting.  We are committed to quality and excellence in all we do for our customers.

Management Team

Dan Brake
Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer / CEO

As CEO of EMSAT™ Corporation, Dan drives corporate direction and vision. He manages EMSAT’s multi-year projects which include planning, design, architecture, development and project management. He is active in the oil and gas, ocean and environment industries and is regularly asked to present at conferences and provide his expertise to promote the use of technology and awareness of our environment. Dan has lead cross industry system design and implementation projects and worked with companies in Canada, the United States and in the United Kingdom managing clients’ needs worldwide.

Phil LeBlanc
Co-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer / CIO

As CIO , Phil is responsible for developing EMSAT’s R&D strategy and ensuring EMSAT remains at the leading edge of environmental monitoring innovation. Phil is providing environmental background support and guiding the technical team in designing EMSAT’s real-time environmental monitoring solutions. Phil is actively researching new innovative applications of EMSAT’s software and seeking new partnership and collaboration opportunities.


EMSAT™ provides innovative software solutions to meet real-time data monitoring challenges of today's industry.