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Complete Monitoring Solution

From Sensor Data to Information



Real-time software and telemetry solutions coupled with powerful data aggregation and cloud based technology; to continuously access and visualize critical information; from sensor data to tailored reporting interfaces.

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts

Enabling users to remotely track critical asset conditions and monitor environmental compliance; to reduce risk and improve responsiveness; custom alerts and reports are automated to save time, be proactive and react quickly to changes to prevent issues or incidents.

Big Data

Big Data

Quickly analyze large sets of data; to automatically produce accurate report. EMSAT technology is hosted in a secure, cloud based environment thus providing unlimited scalability and flexibility to meet client's big data monitoring needs.

Automatic Reporting

Automatic Reporting

Intuitive reporting tools allow user to easily convert data into graphical information and automate custom alerts and reports.


Meeting Today's Real-time Data Monitoring Challenges.

Our Approach

Innovation & Partnership


Our solution enables user to enhance and modernize their monitoring operations without disrupting existing systems/processes.


Our collaborative approach allows to quickly determine how our solution can support clients real-time data monitoring requirements.


Our software connects seamlessly with any sensor and existing system to deliver powerful data aggregation solutions and automate reporting.

Cost Effective

Our software provides user-friendly and intuitive interfaces to simplify customer's real-time monitoring requirements.


EMSAT is continuously seeking new technology partnership with sensor providers and data monitoring innovators to increase its core product features in capability, performance and ease of use.

Customer Support

Our team is fully committed to understanding clients requirements and needs to provide optimal real-time data monitoring solutions to clients challenges. We are committed to quality and excellence in all we do for our customers.


EMSAT™ provides innovative software solutions to meet real-time data monitoring challenges of today's industry.